Quality Service Delivery

We realize that in today's competitive climate, only the highest quality service will retain the clinet.We understand the neccesity to strike balance between cost reduction & service delivery.
We place special emphasis on our Quality Service mechanism, which was developed to ensure the provision of consistent quality service to our travelers

We do this through

We are responsible for the professional & technical competence of our employees who are reliable individuals able to perfom effectively & efficiently in the implementation/continuity of our travel services to our organization.

Service Statement

Georgetown Travel Limited service offers you local market knowledge, creativity innovation and commitment to ensure the succces of your travel program.
In our role as your travel consultant, negotiator, and service provider, you may count on us to remain flexible and open to modifications of you travel program.
We are small in the scheme of thing but our ultimate goal is not to be the biggest but the best in personalized service.
We look forward to working with you, and applying our knowledge, exprience, and expertise towards the smooth implementation and prosperous evloution of your consolidated travel management program.
Georgetown Travel Limited will provide accountability for delivery of the commitments made in this proposal


Our Clients

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